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Resumption of Club Competitions

Dear Members,


Committee and staff have monitored individuals and pairs since the resumption of social play under the England Golf “Play Safe, Stay Safe” arrangements and have been delighted with the numbers returning to the course and the discipline they have applied before, during and after play. We would like to thank you for your diligence and patience in our return to the course.


With further easing of government lockdown measures the committee believes we are in a position to apply some slight changes to arrangements and are pleased to announce the return of competitive golf at Whitehaven Golf Club, beginning with the men’s Kevin Sparks Memorial to be played on Sunday 7th June. Ladies will be reviewing resumption of competitive play towards end June.


Summary of Arrangements for Competition Play


To be read in conjunction with guidance already posted at:


Changes to arrangements will increase movements around the rear (North) entrance. Please adhere to current social distancing guidelines and remain patient.


It is recommended that players carry hand sanitiser with them for use before, during and after play.


Before Play


Please continue to use the online booking system to book a tee for two to fourball play during the 07:00 – 15:00 slot for Sunday competitions; play is allowed throughout the day for Thursday competitions.


Supply of competition cards and envelopes will be moved from the main (South) entrance of the clubhouse to the rear (North) entrance opposite 18th green. Cards and envelopes are being replenished under strict hygiene control with the bearer utilising hand sanitiser and gloves to prevent transmission of COVID-19.


Updated handicap lists and competition results will be displayed in the rear entrance windows.


An additional deposit box for completed cards and envelopes will also be lodged around the rear entrance area. Please mark an envelope with players names and competition details as normal and deposit in the competition box as registry before play.


Please do not deposit competition entry fee monies in the competition box, see further details regarding payments below.


During Play


Only nominated markers are to handle and sign a competition card. There is no requirement for the player to sign their competition card at the end of play. Scores are to be agreed verbally.


The red hole liners will be exchanged for foam inserts to allow the ball to drop below the surface when holed, allowing for ball removal without touching the flag or cup. This follows CONGU guidance on qualifying scores during COVID-19 restrictions.


Under the same CONGU guidance considering the lack of bunker rakes, local rule will allow preferred lies within bunkers. The distance for preferred lies in the bunker is limited to 6 inches and the area cannot be smoothed before placing.


After Play


Deposit completed cards in the competition box prior to moving to the carpark area. This will be collected at the end of each competition day and secured within the clubhouse for later processing.


All cards will be entered into the masterscoreboard software system manually, again under strict hygiene control, maximising the time between play and next competition. This will inevitably cause further delay to the publishing of results which you can view through, also posted for viewing on entrance windows. The aim will be to ensure cards are processed for handicap adjustment prior to next competition.


Competition entry fees remain at £4.00 for all competitions going forward and are to be settled by bank transfer to the following:

Sort Code: 40-46-26

Account No: 91442309

Please ensure you add your name to the payment reference for the treasurer to account.

Any outstanding payments will be tallied at the end of each month for settlement which we ask you to complete promptly.


Finally, until we are in a position to hold prize presentations we are unable to facilitate those competitions where prize tables have been a previous feature. For those club competitions the fees will remain at £4.00 and open competitions will not resume. We will look to fill open competition slots with alternatives from those already missed.


These arrangements will remain in place until further notice.



Competition Secretary

Mark Duddy